School uniforms are useless and should have never been invented. Why do school uniforms exist in the first place? Nearly 20% of all public schools have adopted uniform mandates.

These are all examples of hooks you can use for an essay about school uniforms. But how do you write a good hook? To write a good hook for an essay about school uniforms, you first need to understand the types of hooks and essays. Then you can decide which hook is best suited for your paper.

Types of Essays

There are four common essays, but the main two you’ll likely be using to write this essay are argumentative and expository.

Expository essays simply explain the topic. They aren’t written to try and convince the reader, which is why you won’t be taking a stance. On the other hand, argumentative essays require you to take a side and argue with supporting data. By knowing which type of essay you’re writing, you’ll be able to write a good hook for an article about school uniforms.

Types of Essay Hooks

There are seven types of essay hooks, but these are the four best types for your school uniforms topic.

  • Statistics – give data that provide your reader with real information about the topic. Example: Approximately 22% of elementary schools, 19% of all middle schools, and 10% of high schools required uniforms in 2020.
  • Statements – make a bold claim about the topic. Example: Students hate school uniforms and think they’re hideous.
  • Metaphor/Simile – compare your topic to something seemingly unrelated. Example: School uniforms are pimples before picture day. They are so inconvenient. (metaphor) School uniforms are like a hug from your grandmother. They are incredibly comfortable. (simile)
  • Description – a vivid scene entices readers. Example: The uniform was a hue of red similar to a freshly picked apple. It felt like a cozy blanket on a gray, rainy Winter’s day.


School uniforms might make you feel as though you look like you came out of a photocopier. But your essay definitely shouldn’t. By adding a creative style to your introduction, you are sure to write a good hook for an essay about school uniforms.